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Founded in 2012, now solely run by Missrepresent, SNR is an independent record label based in the Midlands. It has been responsible for hitting top ten positions on digital download platforms for artists such as Silent Code, Basskadetz, Veak and more.

Set up initially as an outlet for Missrepresent's productions as the duo Silent Code, SNR now releases tracks successfully across the whole DnB genre, including Jungle remixes and also with minimal tracks from artists such as War Machine, to intense amen driven tracks from Freedom. You can select a range of music from 170BPM to 175BPM on the label, which has huge support from A list DnB pioneers such as Roni Size, Phantasy, NIcky Blackmarket and so many more.

Sliced Note is an anagram of Silent Code with the first tracks leading onwards to successful releases to a collection of artists building up a portfoliio, which we are striving to continue forward.




Aug 2012 : Silent Code Establish SNR with a logo designed by Toby Bamford (Intraspekt)

Sep 2012 : SNR achieves distrobution with High EQ run by Pascal Playaz.

Oct 2012 : SNR Releases it's first track, Chichen Itza and Play, Pause, Stop Rewind by Silent Code.

Mar 2013 : SNR002 reaches number 10 in the TID download charts.

Jul 2013 : SNR013 reaches number 9 in the DNBA download charts.

Aug 2013 : SNR featured in Kmag.

Oct 2013 : Beatport featured The 4 Corners EP Part 2.

Oct 2013: Silent Code & Sympton Savage Rehab reach number 11 on Track It Down.

Jan 2014 : SNR008 Your Soul reached number 2 on the DNBA download charts.

Mar 2014 : Missrepresent takes sole ownership of Sliced Note Recordings.

Dec 2014 : Support continues on SNR010 from Roni Size, Dj Breeze, DJ Sly, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Dazee, Jam Thieves, Aries, Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Filthy Habits, Mixmag, Simon Bassline Smith, Jaguary Skillz, Jayline, Guv, Sappo and Aries.

Jun 2015 : Freedom is signed to the label and releases "The Vibrations EP"

July 2015 : SNR puts on it's first event in London.

Jan 2016 : The Sliced Note Recordings website is launched.

Feb 2016 : SNR17 gets huge A List support from Radio 1 B Traits, Roni Size, Logan D, Nicky Blackmarket and more here.

Mar 2016 : Ekseptions first debut release hits number 13 on Track It Down charts. See Here.