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Forthcoming - SNR 019


The Type Writer EP


Released 28/03/2016

1 - The Type Writer

2 - Don't Forget To Sleep

3 - Hands Off

4 - I Can't Stop




A List Feeback from Promo Push :

Dazee - 9/10 (I Can't Stop) "Yes yes tidy bit of jump up espicially like Hands Off and I Can't Stop!! Thank  you!

Kenny Ken - 7/10 (I Can't Stop) "Good release"

Aries - 7/10 (I Can't Stop) "Thanks for the riddim! Not quite what I play but good non the less :)"  

Logan D - 9/10 (Don't Forget To Sleep) "Wicked As Always"

Hoodlum - 10/10 (The Type Writer) "Will be on this for my Kool London Show 10/10"

Vengeance - 10/10 (The Type Writer) "Another awesome release... big up Guillotine.. all about the title track!"

Ruffstuff - 5/10 (The Type Writer) "Thanks guys"

Shockin B - 5/10 (The Type Writer) "Bouncy Banger"