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Breath EP

Tremor - Breath EP

Out on September 11th 2017 is Tremors debut release on Sliced Note Recordings.

Originally from the UK he now resides in California USA and has had previous releases on Council Recording's, Dope Ammo Records, Universal Music, Indented Records, Coologik Records, DLA and now on Sliced Note.

This 4 track EP kick starts with "Breath" and a great dancefloor opener. It drops into an energetic track with some great switches.

Track 2 "Tired Of Being Alone" is more on a liquid tip with a soothing vocal and some great drumwork.

Track 3 "Raw" has a bigger EDM vibe about it, again dropping into a great dancefloor track that DJs can play knowing it's got that energy that you need to get people dancing.

Track 4 ends the EP with "The Wanderer" and a beautiful arpeggio starting the track leading into a gnarly drop finishing the EP up nicely.


Breath EP Support:
Aries      8/10 : "All about track two! All about the breaks for me!"

DNBHQ  10/10 : "Proper heavy release."

Logan D  9/10 : "Tired Of Being Alone : Lovely thanks"

Brian Brainstorm 8/10 "Nice one!"

Kenny Ken 9/10 "Good release"

Sappo 8/10 "Good work"

Storm  5/10 "Loving track 2"

Dazee 9/10 "Big versatile selection"

Hoodlum 9/10 "Banging"


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Release date:
Monday, 11 September, 2017
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