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It Wasn't Me EP

Damageman - It Wasn't Me

Missrepresent has slgned Damageman for a 2 track EP on Sliced Note Recordings which will be out on the 27th November 2017.

Damageman hails from Suffolk and has been producing now for 6 years with track support from some of the biggest DJ's and producers in the game including Hype, Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken, Missrepresent, Jam Thieves, and Cabin Fever to name a few.

This 2 track EP sums up his sound and is definitely something for the dance floor and radio.

Support has been huge :

Garry K - 9/10 "Both very good tracks. Will play for sure! Big ups."

Brian Brainstorm - 9/10 "Big tunes!!"

B Traits - (Radio 1) 8/10 "Huge"

Sappo - 8/10 "Nice work!"

Roni Size - 6/10 "Thanks!"

Grooverider - 6/10 "Good!"

Ragga Twins 7/10 "Rollin!"

"Aries! - 8/10 "Thanks!" 

Release date:
Monday, 27 November, 2017
Serial No: